Is your pinlayout compatible with the wemos mini. I had to replace some battery driven wemos with the native esp8266, and have the same problems with the boards. Additional the pinlayout is different, therefore I cannot use my existing pcb and just replace. Now there are many nasty wires going from the board to the pcb with the esp. currently all not looking very well and professional..

Admin reply: Hello Stefan,
I don't think, that it is compatible - unless per total accident :-) and my board is a lot smaller concerning the width. It is designed from scratch and fulfills all demands I have had in mind. The Wemos has some disadvantages in my opinion: much higher quiesquent current, more width, and the CH340 china chip.

UTC 2018|03|25 11:39:01 (@)
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Hallo Stefan,

warum steckt da ein Widerstand im ersten Bild?

Admin reply: Hi Christian,

darüber wollte ich den Strom messen (Shunt). Ich warte allerdings derzeit auf ein paar Operationsverstärker aus China, mit denen ich die gemessene Spannung verstärken kann.

UTC 2018|03|09 16:12:18
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